CEO Message 

Our Client is our optimal gain, and is our best representative. He will choose us first, for our innovation in technology and the unequal high quality of our engineering services.

We trust that we will stay the course and keep our clients' business, today and tomorrow. Our efforts will consolidate us as leaders in the construction engineering industry.

We would like to contribute openly in whatever we can, to find solutions, credit our efforts and be rewarded with positive results and above all, satisfied clients. 

We love to learn and like to share our knowledge and information’s to you.

Dar Aman - Roots

Dar Aman Engineering Office was established in the year 1997, in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, Led by the founder Mohamed K. Aman. Since it was established, it had a full range of engineering services, following up to date technology and international standards.

Over the years Dar Aman worked on different types and sizes of projects, in Middle East region, projects such as; Residential, Public, Corporate & Office buildings, Educational & Cultural projects, Hotels & Resorts, Recreational projects, Industrial projects, Religious and Commercial Projects.

DarAman-The Firm

Dar Aman believe in mutual integration with expert consultants and engineering firms, so over the years it has integrated with many experts around the world –from Europe, US, and Canada, creating a diversified practice resulting in successful broad range projects.

In 2004, Dar Aman decided to amend its business form from private office to an Engineering Firm. Based on the founder vision, the principle Hassan M. K. Aman continue expanding Dar Aman activities, by delivering its services to the middle east region especially Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE, and Egypt. 

Dar Aman philosophy is largely based on following the highest standards of ethics andbusiness conduct. We assume our clients privacy and provide them with thebest services. The guidelines placed for achieving that philosophy are;

  • Meet & Create Clients’ Satisfaction
  • Vision and Innovation
  • Enlightenment andTechnology
  • Investing in People

Business Strategy

To ensure sustainable growth & reputation, Dar Aman developed its strategy which depends on three main factors:

  • VARIANT by always offering prominent services other than the competitors in the market. Dar Aman developed a strategy based on vision & innovation which was achieved by developing the design process and keeping up-to-date with the latest technology trends in the construction field.


  • DIVERSIFICATION, bydealing with a full range of buildings and complexes from junior schools to universities, individual shops to markets, interiors of boutique studios to large headquarters office buildings, minor clinics to teaching, hospitals, small workshops to major manufacturing complexes, individual houses to large estates, hostels, hotels and towns.


  • GLOBAL EXPANSION Having strategic alliances in different regions. YBA has the awareness and ability to share resources & knowledge to tactically invade the market.


Dar Aman has developed long standing relationships with clients based on mutual respect and understanding of the design outcomes through the client focused philosophy adopted by the practice. Working in collaboration with clients has driven us to strive for design excellence in all our projects balanced with achieving value for money outcomes that provide operational, functional and aesthetic goals. 

We have the ability to work with clients on both small and large projects whilst maintaining the level of quality expected. This is reinforced by our continued relationships with clients. We offer bespoke design outcomes, anchored by the key objectives of each project established in partnership with our clients. We seek to develop architecture equally of its place and time with careful consideration towards contextual responses both social and environmental.

The practice has considerable experience working abroad or in isolated locations and has established a reputation for being able deliver realistic high quality design within the confines of differing cultures and climates.

Our ability to adapt to the specifics of each project type, budget, client expectation and defined architectural outcome without compromising on quality remains the key philosophical ambition of Dar Aman. Working together with our clients has allowed the practice to flourish – our success in developing innovative and creative designs has been through a partnership of a skilled team, enthusiastic, knowledgeable clients and a common goal to achieve the best possible outcome.