1. Structures Upgrading / Strengthening
  2. Building Information Modeling BIM
  3. Value Engineering

Structures Upgrading / Strengthening:

Providing solutions of buildings and any kind of structures for either upgrading or strengthening purposes for such of the following application: 

  • Blast Mitigation
  • Seismic Retrofit
  • Buildings Upgrading
  • Pipes Rehabilitation
  • Bridges / Tunnels Strengthening
  • Water Front Structures Repair solutions
  • Strengthening Industrial Structures solutions

Structures Upgrading / Strengthening:

Blast Mitigation

By enhancing the high energy absorption capability of structural members such as walls, columns, beams, slabs, and roof panels.

Seismic Retrofit

Improving the seismic performance of building (a significant increase in performance), while adding minimal dead weight to the Structure.

Buildings Upgrading

Improving the load carrying capacity of a building, additional shear & flexural capacity can be added to beams, columns, slabs & walls.

Due To: Construction Errors, Change Of Use, Increased Loading, etc… 

Buliding Information Modeling BIM:

Building twice One on Computer, and One at Site. We provide the service of building the project on Computer including all trades and different systems either mechanical or Electrical, with highly coordination with Architectural and Structural Design. It means ZERO clashes between trades. Coordination of documents and instant update of all documents, schedules, and views when any change is made to the model. Immediate and accurate feedback for design decisions. Fast and convenient generation of design presentations for client approvals. Better communication with clients and builders 2D and 3D interoperability with AutoCAD for hybrid workflows.

Value Engineering:

Enhancing the value of the project by seeking optimal design solutions, thereby reducing unnecessary cost through maintain and enhancing all aspects of quality and function. To be applied by:

  • Timing of Value Engineering Reviews.
  • Participants in Value Engineering Analysis.
  • Value Engineering Techniques.
  • Implementation of Value Engineering Proposals