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In collaboration with dar ātma & Lina Ma, we present to you our latest retreat taking place in a magical farm around an hour outside the city. We will be camping in tents under thousands of palm trees. Together we will embark on an inner journey of heart expansion with the help of the cacao medicine. We will have space to collaborate, express, reflect, and self discover.


The ceremony will begin with an opening circle where we’ll share more on the cacao culture and the rituals surrounding it. The ceremony will involve smudging, drinking cacao, guided meditations, breathwork, restorative yoga, intuitive movement and yoga nidra.


A lot happens during our retreats. Most of which can’t be explained, but only felt. This is your opportunity to retreat in a sacred space and enter a state of heightened awareness. 

Cacao Medicine

Cacao has been used as medicine for thousands of years for its healing purposes. The medicine can be felt on a spiritual, mental, emotional and physical level. Participants describe it as an experience filled with bliss and happiness. The effect this ceremony has on people is compared to the feeling of being in love.


The Ceremonial Cacao is very different from the chocolate that is typically known. It is 100% pure and is prepared in a unique way. It contains anandamide, a component that comes from the word “ananda” meaning supreme happiness. It helps modulate pain and is associated with the “runners high “. The medicine also leads us to moments of deep silence, reflection, unlocking and the opening of our heart.


Some of the many benefits of cacao:


  • Ultimate heart-opener
  • Cacao is a vasodilator, meaning your blood vessels and muscular systems relax. When working with ceremonial doses of Cacao, your blood flow can increase by up to 30%
  • Helps the body to heal, detoxify and gives your immune system a good boost
  • Rich in magnesium (an essential electrolyte) which increases your energy levels, elevates your mood and general wellbeing
  • Enhanced concentration

Ceremony Facilitator

The ceremony will be facilitated by Lina Ma. She is an anthropologist, doula and yoga teacher who has lived and worked in different cultures and indigenous communities from North and South America. Lina has been an Ayurveda therapist and yoga practitioner for more than 21 years. Currently she is developing an environmental restorative project in Colombia.


Lina has taught all over the world with a firm and clear voice yet with the humility of knowing that we are all students of the miracle of life.


Soulful Menu

We believe food has the power to heal us. We prepare our food with clean, fresh, and nutritionally rich ingredients and cook them with so much love. We will feed you throughout your whole stay with us and will make sure your are fully satisfied.


It is highly recommended to fast from food 4-hours before the ceremony. This will help you get the most out of the experience.

Our Camp

All participants will be provided with a private tent and will have access to toilets on the farm. Each person needs to register separately regardless if you will be sharing a tent.  Many exciting common community spaces will be around camp to explore and experience.


We are passionate about design and put a lot of love and work in creating sanctuaries to host our retreats. We are collectors, builders, and creators. Always on the move working with what we have and making magic out of it.

We try our best to keep our camp a zero waste zone. All your efforts in making that possible will be highly appreciated.

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